How I made this Blog

How this blog was made and why

by Tinkering Penguin
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How I made this Blog

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This blog was made with Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog plus heavy inspiration from thvu.dev and bannerbear.com/blog (which is using ghost blogs)


First a little about why I made this blog. This is mostly to drive conversions to sales here on Antarctic Solutions but plenty of people will find the content of these blogs helpful in their business or startup. Additionally I've made a commitment to myself to do 50% coding and 50% marketing and this is part of the 50% marketing!


This blog started from Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog with quite a few things ripped out since it was not needed for my requirements. The only things I kept were the tags, Mailchimp, and the blog generation. Huge modifications was done to the styling and the layout on some of the pages.

If you want to use this template, it's currently open source on GitHub